"Aircraft repair enterprise "URARP" Ltd.

  • prolongation of the resource (life cycle) and repair of the airframe of IL-76;
  • repair of the components for engines D-30KP, D-30KP-2 and aircraft IL-76;
  • manufacture of parts and assembly units of engines D-30KP, D-30KP-2 and aircraft IL-76;
  • implementation of industry bulletins;
  • executing maintenance program to inspect the mechanical damages using nondestructive testing such as liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current, ultrasonic radiography, visual/optical, sonic /resonance, infrared thermography;
  • purchase of aircraft engines D-30KP, D-30KP-2 for our repair stock;
  • sale of repaired aircraft engines of type D-30KP, D-30KP-2;
  • conducting scientific researches in the field of technical sciences.