The  “Air Repairing Enterprise “URARP” Ltd. is an aircraft repair enterprise with a well-developed modern infrastructure, respective technical and permissive documentation and high qualified personnel for all kinds of MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) and prolongation of technical resource (life cycle) of IL-76 aircraft.

To meet modern requirements, еhe  “Air Repairing Enterprise “URARP” Ltd. closely cooperates with the leading Ukrainian scientific research institutions and organizations such as State Research Institute of Aviation, Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology and others.
We are proved, that our enterprise has developed its own strong scientific, statistical and practical foundations in terms of resources, repair, technical support and operation of IL-76 aircraft.

Our mission

Carrying out all kinds of MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul), extending calendar service and technical resource of IL-76 aircraft;
Providing all our services with guaranties of high quality and safety use;
Using modern technologies and scientific achievements – the main key of the success of our mission;
Maintaining our market leadership position in the field of MRO of Il-76 aircraft both for state and private companies.

Our values and priorities

Honesty and decency are the strongest foundation of our relationships and reputation.
– we practice what we preach;
– we are not afraid to tell the truth, to recognize our mistakes and quickly to correct them together, working for a common result;
– we firmly follow the values of our corporate ethics, avoiding any exceptions or compromises;
– we treat our colleagues, partners, clients and customers with honesty and integrity,
building our relationships on mutual trust;
– we follow all our agreements with colleagues, partners, customers and consumers strictly, even if in case of any inconvenience.

Responsibility to our employees, partners and the society as a whole.

Efficiency as a tool for achieving optimal results in everything we do. It means for us:
– realization of assigned tasks;
– application of modern technologies and approaches to doing business;
– stable improvement of processes and methods of doing business;
– effective use of resources;
– searching for new opportunities;
– readiness for changes.

Professionalism of doing business, including investing in people, stimulating
– conformity to the highest standards;
– encouraging initiative and innovation;
– investments in professional development and employee’s loyalty;
– attracting and keeping highly qualified personnel;
– fair assessment of achievements.





Our price policy is based on an individual approach to each customer, on combination of his aspirations with the technical condition of the aircraft and the amount of operations to be carried out.


We do not require any payments before providing  technical or consulting support.


Our own High-Tech individual approach to each specific product, which allows to estimate its actual state, to make a plan for its further operation for several years ahead, certain amount of working hours, cycles, landings.


Due to the our own High-Tech, the customers overall costs for the operation of aircraft and engines are getting reduced for 2.5-3,0 times, which increases the profitability of their operation at least for two times.


The Quality Management System introduced in “Air Repairing Enterprise “URARP” Ltd. ensures high quality of MRO and further safe operation of aircraft.